Conduct Policy

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Conduct Policy

JAHI respects the importance of its relationship with the education community and its responsibility to provide high-quality implementation of Junior Achievement programs to sustain this relationship. The Junior Achievement brand is recognized and trusted by educators around the world; therefore, it is incumbent upon Junior Achievement program participants to protect this relationship with the education community. Junior Achievement also understands the high level of trust placed upon its volunteers to uphold the quality of Junior Achievement programs in the classroom.

A growing concern within the education community is the increasing levels of “targeted marketing” directly to students in the classroom. By choosing not to co-brand Junior Achievement curriculum with corporate sponsor names and logos (aside from a “PBS-style” recognition in the program guidebook introduction), Junior Achievement has deliberately avoided such marketing tactics in the development of its curriculum. Junior Achievement volunteers truly represent the business community in the classroom and they provide instant credibility when teaching students about the world of business. We encourage Junior Achievement volunteers to share their background and profession with the students to make the program curriculum “come alive.” However, with this credibility Junior Achievement volunteers also carry the responsibility not to “over-promote” or “sell” directly to students.

As part of the Junior Achievement Program Implementation Standards, volunteers must sign the required “Volunteer Conduct Standards” form prior to teaching a Junior Achievement program. In addition, Junior Achievement suggests that volunteers consider the following classroom etiquette recommendations:

  • Junior Achievement volunteers shall avoid any direct marketing or solicitation of their company’s products or services.
  • Junior Achievement volunteers shall maintain a neutral position when discussing their company’s competitors.
  • Junior Achievement volunteers shall avoid influencing student consumer decisions.
  • Junior Achievement volunteers shall not distribute “take-home” sales brochures.
  • Junior Achievement volunteers shall not recruit students for employment.
  • While Junior Achievement acknowledges that many volunteers provide corporate-branded “give-away” items (such as pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, etc.,) to students during the course of the Junior Achievement program, these items shall be carefully selected and free of any marketing messages. Approval from the classroom teacher is highly recommended prior to the distribution of any give-away items.
  • Junior Achievement encourages the volunteer’s use of corporate-branded materials to appropriately enhance specific Junior Achievement activities, such as providing job application forms for a mock interview activity, or providing sample checks for check-writing activities. Again, pre-approval from the classroom teacher is highly recommended.

Volunteer Conduct Standards Form